Being a Model Scout

Hello! My name is Liz Havlin and I am a Model Scout! How I got this job was completely an accident. A friend of mine is a Fashion Model for Petite Catalogues and was complaining to me that although she made made good money, she wanted some diverse modeling experiences. SO, being the helpful friend that I am, I did a search for Modeling Companies on the Internet and found a company called eModel, who’s spokesperson just HAPPENS to be Kim Alexis… wow! I was looking over the site for my friend and noticed that eModel was looking for Model Scouts. I thought, what the heck and emailed my resume in. I forgot about the email and was working away one day and here comes this phone call from eModel! I answered all of their questions and was pleasantly suprised to hear that they wanted me.

What I do in my job as a Model Scout is look for potential model talent. Some models are Runway Models and need to be tall & thin, but most are regular sized people like you & me who have attractive features and are usually height/weight proportionate. Print models can be any shape & size depending on which catalogues are looking for talent. Promotional models usually appear at events and do public appearances.

What I like most about my job is the look on someone’s face when I ask, “Have you ever considered Modeling?” Most women & men never think their dreams could be realized in a few, short moments. I love to help people get where they want to be and to keep them motivated along the path of their dreams!

Now, I want to say that Modeling is a challenging career that is NOT likethe movies and NOT just hanging around wearing nice clothes. It takes dedication and responsibility to be in a high pressure career such as Modeling.

I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Please contact me at , or to ask any questions.