Considering Another Career In the Future Besides Nursing

I am an LPN 13 years now. I worked in long term care,skilled care units,home care visits and physicians office. Most in long term (Alzheimers). I was trying to find where I really fitted in in this occupation. My favorite was Physicians Family practice office. However, the pay was the lowest. I liked treating different age patients. We had some interesting ones…One guy threatened the Doc for Narcotics!! Yeah! Before LPN, I was a CNA. That helped me get through nursing school ’cause I knew what to expect in clinical. I am a stay at home mom right now in the process of going back to work this year. Also,I have been working on a degree in Graphic Design. I hope to do that for the next 20+ years.

Nursing is difficult. People really need to have a heart to help others,patients and be able to put up with a lot of stuff. I worked mandatory overtime 16 hours as a single parent and relied on my babysitter heavily. I was bitten by an psychotic elderly man and had to go through HIV testing for a year. Thank God all is well. I started the RN program and almost accomplished that but truly did not have the heart to stay in this field. I could see myself doing this part time to keep my license but not full time anymore. It is sad because we all need a nurse at some point in our lives.

I had two babies between 2002 and 2004 and the nursing care I received was above and beyond anything I could imagine!! God bless those Nurses at Loudoun Hospital Maternity Ward in Leesburg, Virginia. Nurses your work is appreciated, as a nurse I know what your dealing with. That said, my passion is Graphic Design for the future. I hate to give up the license ’cause I like to make extra money on the side for my older son’s college in two years and I worked so hard to achieve it!