If I could turn back the clock……..Postal Clerk

I am a Postal Clerk in beautiful Cincinnati Ohio. Boy do I really hate this job. If I could turn back the clock I would do just that.

I left college to take this wonderful job that everyone told me to take. I should have listen to the ones that said NOOOoooo. You dont want to work there.

It’s crazy and they treat you like shit. Oh it cant be all that bad.

HAAAaaa the joke was on me. Yea I know the pay and the benefits are wonderful but please, they never said when i signed on that this would be my life. I work six days a week 8 to 10 hrs a day because I am told I have too.

I have never worked for such a large corporation that is so messed up. I have planned on going back to college because working for the post office I will never go any farther then where I am now. Too much butt kissing going on there. They promote on basis of how well you kiss butt and not on the basis of how well you do your job.

Oh I forgot to mention I have been there for 2 yrs now and have hated every last minute of it. So when someone tells you that the POST OFFICE is a good place to work, turn and run screaming…. ITS NOT…..