Cosmetology is NOT as Glamorous as You Think

I went to cosmetology school my senior year of high school. I thought this would be great. It would allow me to be a hair stylist thru college and make some decent money to support myself. Well, it got me nowhere. All that awful time spent in cosmetology school giving pedicures to old people with toenails so thick you could hardly clip them and giving haircuts to people who had never heard of shampoo truly didn’t pay off for me.

I worked in an upscale salon right out of school making very little money. There’s no way I could have survived on that! I worked at 2 other salons, one on straight commission where I was told that they had a lot of walk-in clients. They pretty much lied to me because I was lucky if I brought home $200 a week…yes, $200 in a full week. It was awful. They ended up having to “let me go” because they didn’t want me to get into financial problems. They let me go because they didn’t have enough walk-in business at all.

If I wanted to go do hair today, I could, but I really don’t want to work at a nasty chain salon and give haircuts to people who really don’t care about their hair, who come in sweating and you have to cut their hair. I have done this before…I hated it. You made about $14 an hour at this rate…but it sucked so bad. I wanted to cry at the end of the day and I always felt disgusting and degraded. To them, I was nothing more than a “hair cutter”….

I hate the field of cosmetology and just cringe when I see these hair stylists who think they are so high fashion and cutting edge. Please..we all have the same license. Unless you have 3 years to wait around and not make much money until you build your clientele, it sucks and won’t work out. I had bills to pay! Cosmetology school was the biggest waste and mistake of my entire life!

I hated being talked to like I was so below these clients. And some of them were impossible to please. These stuck up, conceited, self centered bitches would be so pissed at me when they didn’t turn out looking like some celebrity model. And then of course they will go tell all their friends about you and your rep is ruined all because Miss Princess didn’t get the fantasy hair she wanted. Like they say, “I’m a beautician, not a magician!”

I will never do hair again and have no desire to!