Hard Working, Unappreciated and Disrespected McDonald Worker

I’ve been working at McDonalds for over thirteen months now and I have to say that this is by far the worst job experience ever. I’m seventeen and work part time. To start off, all of our staff is trained horribly. I work in the kitchen, making sandwiches. I worked with this foreign person once who didn’t understand a word I said. She couldn’t do anything right and could barely even make a sandwich. She was useless there, so I told her to wash some dishes in the sink room. But of course she didn’t know how. By this time it was rush hour. I had dozens of orders to do and still had to complete all of my closing duties. She was sent home at 8:00 pm and I wasn’t done anything. I ended up staying there late just to finish things.

There are people who get promoted the first six months they’ve been working here, and I haven’t after a year. For some reason the managers promote the people that work on cash and not the people in the kitchen. They even treat them with more respect and let them slack off all the time, while the people in the kitchen have to work their asses off.

I’ve been asking the manager who makes the shifts to train me on cash for months now and of course he still didn’t do it. When I close, everything gets done, everything gets completed and everything looks clean. What’s odd is that the managers don’t appreciate my work and yell at me if I do it any worse.

One night I was working a closing in the kitchen. I was everything, and I mean everything by 9:00pm (we close at 11). After I was done everything, I decided to do some of the overnight person’s duties. The person on drive thru was slacking off the whole night and guess who gets a good documentation? Well, you guessed it; the drive thru person does. The managers are completely oblivious to my good, hard work and don’t care about the back people at all.

Does it stop there? No! Besides from the cashiers and drive thru people having to do less work, they also have to clean less. We have to clean everything and half of the time the managers send us to clean the things that the cashiers have to.

I’m the only person that actually cleans things. Everyone else doesn’t. That means that when I’m not there, the place looks like shit.

Have you ever had a manager yell in your ears to make you work faster, even though you’re working the fastest you can? Well, come to McDonalds, where the managers believe that screaming in the employees’ ears will make them go faster.

Even after all that, it still gets worse.

The managers believe that the people in the kitchen don’t have to have a lot of people working there. Even on busy nights, they will send people home early and have only one person working in the back. Yeah, one person to take the orders, complete the duties, stock everything up and clean everything. This occurs when there are over four or five people on the cash and drive thru, and even the managers help them instead of us.

So I’ve been working here for a year now. I haven’t been promoted, I get disrespect everyday, unappreciated or unnoticed hard work and I’m beginning to suspect that the managers hate me.

This has been the worst experience of my life. McDonalds sucks!