Suffered from Discrimination While Working at McDonald

I was 16 when i got my first job at Mcdonalds. I thought it was going to be great, but it turned out that the managers are all dirty cunts! They yell at you, discriminate, put you down, and treat you like shit! There was one incident when one of my friends was working breakfast for the first time and the manager yelled at him for not making food fast enough. Right then my spark blew and the string releasing my fist on her face was hanging by a thread. I’ve always wanted to say to here, “why don’t you come help us instead of yelling at us for not working fast enough because that’s the fastest we can go.”

Plus the discrimination there is horrible. Even though it might not be true or possible be true, i was one of the faster workers in the store, but the managers would always yell at me (different race than other kids) and never or rarely at the other kids. Whenever I worked there I would feel like shit. So I told my parents about what I just explained and they were going to personally talk to the manager but I told them not to because I don’t want to be causing any problems so I think I am going to quit soon! So don’t work at Mcdonalds if you like being treated like shit and being yelled at every time you work!