Loving and Hating Nursing at the Same Time

I’ve been a nurse for over 12 years. I switched into nursing from the computer field. I was bored sitting behind the desk. I thought Hmm I’ve always wanted to help people. I’ll become a nurse. Wow was I shocked when I hit the floor. I couldn’t understand nurse’s attitudes. I’ve read a lot of people’s stories. STOP BEING VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve tried a lot of different jobs. I’ve been a massage therapist, a waitress, a ski instructor, an aesthetician.

I’ve traveled all over the united states with nursing. The pay isn’t the greatest but it certainly isn’t bad either. Some floors and hospitals are better than others. I love being a nurse in the sense that I love using my brain, helping a patient see things differently about themselves or their illness, empowering themselves, getting them to laugh, making them more comfortable. Now there are days I want to strangle a patient or two that doesn’t appreciate what I do for them but eventually they see my true colors and generally come around. If not…so be it. But I more so want to strangle my co-workes who sit around and complain and complain about their jobs. “get another one” I say. “OH I can’t afford to work anywhere else” they say. The lack of teamwork is what makes nursing so difficult. If the energy spent on hating nursing were used towards something constructive for yourself maybe things would change…..

I use to hate nursing so I tried several different things…..I’m back in with humility and gratitude. It’s all in how one perceives things…Is the glass half empty or half full…do you love or hate yourself and blame the outside world for YOUR inner turmoil. Do you have healthy boundaries or is it everyone’s else’s fault????

I’ve done some meditating, some fasting, some praying, and a lot of travelling. I’ve seen some grueling things, worked my butt off, stopped and smelled the roses, TOOK MY LUNCH BREAKS, LEFT the floor on my breaks…wow I actually take care of myself now AND my patients and I can have fun at work (most of the time) HOW??? By changing my attitude and taking care of myself. I own a house, my car….and travel. No one gave me things. I EARNED them…¬†YOU CAN TOO!!!!!!!! Change one thing about yourself!!!!! And Go from there..maybe it is to leave nursing….but why be so grouchy about it!!! Maybe YOU have something to learn.

One 18 year old patient who had leukemia said to one of the “bitchy” nurses on the floor. You chose to be here…I didn’t SO BE NICE!!!!!