Nursing Shortage is not Surprising at All

After typing in ‘I Hate Nursing’ into Yahoo, it’s a relief to find I’m not to only one who bitterly regrets the day they gave their life over to this sorry ‘profession’. Although I’m in the U.K., I was starting to think about what jobs the U.S.A. and Canada had to offer, but after reading the stories on here, it sounds as though nursing is pretty much a dead-end, soul-destroying job wherever in the world you are!

Even after graduating with the highest grade possible in 2003, about 6 months into my job as a Staff Nurse / R.N. and I recognized it for what it was – sacrificing your own life, health, friends and family and pandering to two-faced or bone idle colleagues, equally lazy patients and a management that treat you like naughty children who ought to feel grateful for being in such a wonderful career.

Now after three years of badly-planned shifts, constantly having to put everyone else before yourself, running around chasing up after other people, and acting as an all-smiling, all-dancing slave to lazy, obnoxious patients and I’ve finally had enough – nursing might not be an easy job to get out of, but I can go in, do nothing more than my most basic job, and walk out knackered without a caring bone left in my body. As soon as the chance comes up to leave and find something else with around the same wage, I’ll happily hand in my registration and never nurse again.