Stop Whining and Go to Work

I am an “A71″ programmer for Microsoft. The largest software company in the world. Yes, I know Bill Gates. You would figure someone in my position would make decent money and have perks. Guess again. I got a lousy raise this year and it only took me up to $420,000 a year. I had to go to New York for a conference two weeks ago. Did I fly on a private jet like the “A51″ programmers? NO! I had to fly first-class on Delta. And who cares if all the gas that I use in my company car is free? They gave me a piece of crap Lincoln to drive. I wanted a Cadillac just like the other programmers. Got your attention now?

You weren’t born in Ethiopia. You have food, water, clothes, television, computers, a car, etc. You aren’t in Iraq or Israel waking up after 2 or 3 hours of sleep every night wondering if today will be your last day alive. Any job is a privilege. I’m a manager in a grocery store and I am salaried. I work 10-20 hours every week for free! I have crap go wrong all the time. Boo-hoo. So here’s a tip from my book of management sayings : “Quit whining and get back to work.”