Working at Intelex of Carmel is Hellish

I worked w/ Intelex of Carmel, IN for a while and have to say it is the worst place I have EVER worked. They treat their employees terribly and have extremely unrealistic expectations.

Management doesn’t trust the employees and employees don’t trust the management. I can see why nobody trusts management as they are extremely underhanded and communication is NOT an open dialog at all.

They have a revolving door between people getting fired (unrealistically and unfairly) as well as people leaving at any opportunity.

There is a lot of stuff going on there that I cant even begin to type in this email.

Suffice it to say I am a well educated, professional and have had other jobs in professional organizations. This place has a LONG way to go to ever be considered even remotely professional.

WOW what a joke

If they contact you, run. The management does not tell you the true story in interviews.