Handling Multiple Jobs is NOT Easy

Today was my final day on a shoe concessions in a department store it was an alright job cause I got along with everyone on my department and the discount was great but it did get a bit boring as what most jobs are these days.

My other job is pissing me off. I’ve never had a problem with any managers but she’s absolutely takes the piss. I’ve been there since the middle of June and for the pass 3 weeks she has been ‘ill’ with guardsmans heel she has been back to work for 3 days and now she has her holiday for 2 weeks so muggings here has to cover her hours. I wouldn’t mind as much but folding towels all day gets really boring and I don’t seem to be away from the place. Also I ain’t been trained to go on the tills so when I help pack the shopping I feel like I’m in the way all the time :( I only got this job cause my manager which I just left phoned round people she knew and put in a good word for me and I was really desperate for extra hours at the time.

As for my other job, I started that on the 19th and it’s only weekends. I’m looking forward for this one cause I worked for them at crimbo. They rang me asking for me to go back so I was happy that they were asking after me. The only thing is that it all came at the wrong time cause they rang me at the start of July. If only it was the start of June when they rang me I wouldn’t have this stupid towel job but I can’t drop it now cause I need the hours, cause of the money as well.

If only I could get just one job where I can work outdoors with animals and not have to deal with silly complaints and fold bloody towels all day.