Happy to Work at Good Puppy Store

I honestly think I have a terrific job. I recently (about a month ago) started working at a puppy store.

Now most people, when they think of a puppy store, think of horrible conditions, maltreated, sick animals. However, with my store this isn’t the case.

I visited the store for the first time with my younger brother. And I must admit, I thought it was cool there was a place that had a bunch of dogs I could play with.

Being that I had just moved down here (Florida) I needed a job. I filled out the application and 3 days later I got the interview. I met the boss lady and we hit it off. She called the next day, and unfortunately because I had a vacation scheduled for early August I wouldn’t be able to get the job until September.

About two weeks later I found out that the vacation plans fell through. The same day, boss lady called and said that the person they had hired was not working out and she was wondering if I was still taking the vacation. What luck! So the next day I went in and started the job.

The people I work with are terrific. Our night manager is awesome. She is not far from my own age (About 9 yrs older), and basically she is one of the only friends I have in this state.

I suppose I should explain a little about the store. We sell registered pure bred puppies to loving owners and families. We have all different types of puppies, anything from a German Shepard to a Maltese to a Sheltie.

Aside from the sale of the animals, our duties include caring for the pups (as well as entertaining them,) general maintenance of the store and a manage of other tasks.

Basically put, I get paid to love many little puppies.

This job is great for me because I love animals. I am starting the vet program at one of the local colleges and I think that the experience in caring for these dogs will help me a lot with schooling.

I get to learn about the types of breeds, any breed specific traits of health problems, Proper care, dispensing of any medications etc, etc.

A typical day from open to close goes like this…

I would come in about 9 am. The first thing to do is turn on the lights and say good morning to all my happy little barkers. Then, is feeding time (they love this part). As soon as the food is administered it is time to check each pen and clean up after them. (Yes as horrible as it sounds, a major part of my job is cleaning up their excretions.) Then it’s time to fill the buckets and scrub the pens (all while playing with, cuddling and kissing the pups). After that we change the pups papers, sweep the shop, vacumn up any food that has been kicked around by them, and finally mop. Around this time we open the shop.

Through the day a multitude of taks are preformed. This includes checking the ears, nails and coats of every dog. Making sure they are clean, keeping them bathed and properly groomed. We take some time to make sure they have adequate toys and bedding to keep them happy and comfortable during the day. We also help people decide which dog to go with.

This is one of the most important parts of the job – making sure the owner and dog are right for each other.

When a good match is made there is a lot of paperwork to do, but it is all to ensure that there are no loose ends, and that everyone knows that the dog’s best interest is the most important concern.

At about 3 we check the dogs waters again, and regardless if they are full or not, all the waters are dumped and changed.

Papers are changed accordingly, and poop is scrubbed as needed.

The dogs get a lot of time to play during the day. If they aren’t out of the cages playing with potential owners, they are most likely in one of our arms being cuddled and pampered.

I love my job. I get to see the joy in children’s faces every time they come in to the building. I get to make sure that the dogs are going to a good home where they will be loved and become one of the family. And I get to learn a lot about them, which will help me in the future.

There are a few downsides to my job too though. Like when kids come in and leave crying because they fell in love with a puppy and cannot get them.

And then there is the feeling you get when dogs go home. It’s a mixed emotion. A kind of sweet uplifting sadness. On one hand it is a terrific thing to see one of our babies going home, and yet at the same time I always get attached. It’s hard not to when everyday you are there with them, playing with, caring for and loving them.

Yes, it is a certainly, I love my job.