Arby’s in Cicero is an Awesome Workplace

Yup, I work for Arby’s in Cicero, NY. I enjoy it. It’s a pretty easy job. I just thank God that theirs a McDonalds across the street from us, so they get most of the people. So, most of the time we stand around and get paid for it!! :) I do get some free food here and there like if someone made a sandwich by mistake, if someone made to much or, if the Shift Manager on duty just lets me make one. I also get ALL of the free soda and Curly Fries I want to. So, that’s a plus. I’ve been working there for about three years now. I got my job right when I turned sixteen. I remember that they didn’t even have my application for twenty four hours and they called me back!! And they hired me on the spot.

I do like my GM (General Manager) to. Her name is Kelley. She’s pretty cool. She’s pretty easy going and has a good sence of humor. I do like out DM (District Manager) to. His name is Patrick. He’s cool to. He always comes in and read the paper, has lunch and hangs out and talks with us for a while. He ALWAYS seems to have ALOT of energy! He’s always cracking jokes and just doing something. I never seems like he just sits down and takes a load off for more then like five minutes. Our Arby’s is owned by a private company too. It’s called Grant Avenue Development.They do have a website to. Originally, it’s:¬†

Well, that’s about it in a nut shell. Still there and liking it. Probably going to find a new job once I graduate High School, but until then, this job works for me.