One Profession But Two Different Experiences

I got my CNA (Assistance licence) in Oregon, hoping to further my career from being a cashier. I got set up to be fired from this grocery store I actually liked. Upon this caning, my manager had the audacity to say “please keep shopping with us”. I got a job as a CNA where I was trained. I worked noc (nights) shift and enjoyed it. Quiet nights and lots of books to read! Really only doing anything every two hours. It was nice. I loved my residents. I had great co-workers too.

I decided to move, and that’s when it got to be a different story. I moved to another state and the people changed… When I got to Oak Harbor, I found they didn’t finish training you, they didn’t come to work on time, they were ignorant. On my third night on my new job, new situation … and after a one week off from work the person training me calls in. She said I knew the floor. I was by myself with 45 residents I DID NOT know, and thank god we had a nurse. It was her FIRST night!!

To top it off I ended up pulling half a double because the next shift didn’t come in until 10:30 that morning. (I was supposed to be off by 7:00.) I was nice and I stayed until 11:15. I got fired from this place after 1 month. Why?! Because I went to the hospital.
The next place was worse. I had a nurse who hated me so much, she sent her “hamster” (her brown nosin’ aide) to go behind me and make sure I did it “right”. Instead of actually helping me, she made the whole ordeal more difficult. She would tell me to set something up for a resident a certain way, and when I complied, she bore into me on how that wasn’t what was needed. She would make being there harder on the resident, and cut down other nurses. She would constantly ask me how stupid I was, tell me I was an idiot, and insult me at every turn. I was finally axed (when they heard I was gonna quit) for not doing the job right. Thank god.

But by that time I was already getting hired at a better place. I loved my residents. I had been getting in trouble for taking my time and showing compassion for my residents (I am not exaggerating, I swear.) Now I was told that I could. I had a bunch of sweet ladies asking me on my life, I took my daughter with me to work. I also had GREAT bosses and co-Workers. There’s two sides to every coin. I got lucky there. I had to quit when I was injured. I still miss it, and I go back to check on my friends/residents. Now I want something new. But I would still like to help take care of people.