I Am Paid for Looking at Cars

I look at cars all day. I don’t work on them like a mechanic I just look at them to see how much money people owe the car companies. It’s 8 hrs of walking over several acres looking for that one white grand am that is one of about 300 and then looking at it for dents, scratches and anything else. It was a job I got for my family cause they didn’t like that I was a repo man.

I was the guy that took your car from your driveway, your work or your parents house where you tried to hide it, that was fun cause I drove around the state looking for a car and then wondering what the person was going to do,fight me cause they didn’t pay for their car and I was just doing my job or say “I wondered when you were going to get here” the people who had blue collar jobs were the best cause they knew what was going to happen and would give up their cars without much fight and because of that, i would always put in a good word with the finance company but I loved taking them from drs. and pricks cause i was right and they were wrong but they just couldn’t believe it. “what? but i paid it…it can’t be…what can i pay you to just go away?…. I promise to pay it off tomorrow, just don’t take my car *sniff sniff*” I liked that.