Looking for a Job that Pays Well Except Nursing

I am just another nurse frustrated by the insensitivity of CEO’s sticking it to nurses so they can have enough money left over at the end of the year for their new yacht, summer house, private island, whatever. You get the point. The reason I think there is a nursing shortage is because nobody wants to be worked like a dog. I could go on about this for hours but I’m presenting a new angle here. I have my BSN but don’t like nursing. I’m slow, careful, safety conscientious and methodical and I double check everything because I couldn’t live with myself if I caused serious injury or death to a patient. This is apparently everything a nurse should not be in order to be an effective nurse with good multi-tasking and excellent time management skills.

The things I was praised for in school are now a serious hindrance to me and in my jobs. I’m looking for ideas out there for other jobs that would use this education we worked so hard for but allows for lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, and 15 minute breaks like Wal-mart associates get. I also worked at Wal-mart before becoming a nurse and have actually thought about going back, but the money isn’t very good. I’ve been a nurse for almost 2 years now and worked 3 months in Psych, 8 months in rehab, 8 months in long term care, and about 2 months now in med surg. It’s the same everywhere. Worked like a dog and no time to think, much less go to the bathroom. So my question to fellow nurses in the same predicament is what else can we do that uses this education? I don’t want to have to go for another bachelors but at this point that is what I’m willing to try if there seems to be no hope with my BSN. I would appreciate any ideas out there that might help us get into a better job that will pay the bills and allow us to be happy.