I Dig out Railcars for Work Plus Benefits

I go inside of chemical tank railcars and dig out the hardened residue. Mostly coal tar or creosote. You have to wear a full chemical suit and a full-face supplied air respirator inside these things. I mainly use a jackhammer and a shovel for my “excavations.” This seems like it would be a terrible job, but I kinda like it. All except for the pay. I make $7.65 an hour. Can you believe that crap?! We go into these tanks, risk our lives, work brute labor 12 hours a day in blistering heat and cold for 7.65. But, after 6 months you get a raise and make 10.25 an hour. Still not enough, but the benefits are awesome. The thing that really keeps me there is the crew I work with.

They are like a family to me. I see them 60-65 hours a week, and have to trust them with my life. They are a great bunch of guys. I guess this job is like any other. It has it’s ups and downs. Sometimes I hate the work I have to do, but I am thankful to have a job with such good benefits and great people to work with.