Working at McDonalds and I’m Lovin It

I work at McDonalds, in Australia, and I gotta say, i love it.

I first started when I was 15, I applied because my sister used to work there and I wanted to earn some money. I applied, had an interview the following week and was hired on the spot, namely because of my sister. It was a little awkward at first, getting to know people and learning everything. I was taught fries first, I cant remember too much how it went but the trainer was really nice and helpful.

I learnt front counter a week later, which was good cause I liked chatting to customers. Sure, there are some rude people who come in and treat you like a dog, but overall they can be pretty good. I work a permanent Friday close, and I have two regulars who come every week without fail. They’re awesome, i look forward to seeing them each week.  After a few months I got trained in McCafe, which was really fun. I had mentioned that I wanted to learn it, and worked extra hard on shifts, so I was chosen to learn McCafe. It can get stressful in there, especially when you only have one person helping you and a screen full of 8 orders plus customers queued up, but overall its great getting to be creative making coffees.

After I’d been working there for about 7 months, we got a new store manager. At first I didn’t know what to think of her, she seemed to only care about the store but I got to know her and now she’s my favourite of all managers. I was promoted to crew trainer after 9 months, and i loved it. It let me get to know new crew a lot better, and I can remember how shy and awkward i felt when i first started working there so I tried to make every first shift relaxing and fun for trainees.

Our store became franchised about 6 months or so ago, and its really gotten heaps better. We had an FOR (another version of an LVR – long visitation report) where we had head office at the store for 2 days, and I’ve never worked so hard before than that weekend, but it was worth it because we scored triple A.

I got promoted to crew chief four months ago, and am now in the middle of going to shift assistant. I’m heaps excited about it, except its a little stressful because im still at school in year 12, and my major hsc exams are coming up. But my store manager and owners are really understanding and let me develop at my own pace.

I also did a retail traineeship through McDonalds as a subject for school which I love. I learnt heaps, got paid to do schoolwork and finished the bookwork 10 months early. I have now just started my Cert 3 retail traineeship, which is combined with the first MDP (manager development program). Through my cert 2 program, I learnt out back so I can work anywhere in the store. I love running for drive thru, its always fast and i keep busy, but its fun in McCafe or training. I like going out back as well, getting a bit of variety in my shifts

I’ve read most other stories about american stores, and am pretty shocked. My store is awesome, the management team is really great and all the crew get along really well – we have about 120 crew people at my store. My best friends all work there and I’ve made heaps of new friends as well, as there’s kids from about 5-6 different schools, plus day crew. My store manager is fantastic, she was my coach for my traineeship and helped me whenever i needed it. I honestly dont know if i’d still be working for mcdonalds if she wasnt here, she really kept me going.

Our store is really hygienic as well. I’m nearing my 3 year mark, and have yet to see a single rat or roach. I’m chairperson of the safety team so im always careful while i work and talk to other crew about it.
The managers and owners also make it fun for crew, we have crew outings every quarter which are heaps fun. last time, we had a meeting then all went to the movies for free after. Our owners paid for everything, and since they own 4 stores all of the stores went together. For crew trainer and safety meetings we also do fun stuff after, like go bowling or out to dinner.

So if you’ve been reading all these stories about how McDonalds is really bad, keep in mind that not all are bad. The pay here is really good as well, I’m 17 and am on $9.07, which is actually less than a normal 17 year old because im part time and get sick leave, annual leave etc. And although i’ve gotten a lot of stress from my job at times, and ahve dealt with god knows how many cranky customers, there’s heaps that keeps me going. I love working there. I dont know what i want to do when i finish school, maybe get into hotel management, but for now i’ll definitely stick with McDonalds. I’d like to get into head office, maybe in customer service or marketing, there’s just so many different ways i can go.

Overall, Maccas is a great job, really good for a part time after school job. And if you get a store with awesome crew and managers who respect you, all the better.