The Truth about Crew Members at McDonalds

Im 17, I have worked at a Mcdonalds restaurant for 3 years now and will be leaving at the end of high School career to do construction. I would like to give you info about people that work there and managers and what customers expect of us and our Supervisors and Store Managers.

First off, we are underpaid, they tell us that if we work day shift we get paid 7.50 starting. That’s great if you are just hired. So you get a kid that has no job experience and is 14 or 15 years old getting paid 7.50 Well all of the other kids 17 to 18 years old who have been working their for 2 or three years being paid 6.15 still or 7.00 or 6.50 which is really unfair. And plus we talk to the supervisor about it they say they will call the check managers, but nothing happens. I’m still getting paid below day shift crew members.  Plus, I’m a crew chief who knows more then they do and had more years there. But thank God I’m quitting.

Second, I don’t like when customers complain if we don’t have pennies to give their change back even if its only a penny. Or if they can’t wait more then a minute for the their food. Ok, listen we are not machines we are humans if you want machines to make your food then don’t complain cause we are just like you guys.  You are no better than us at our job.  We don’t go to yours to tell you how to do yours. Like when the customers give us ideas to make our food faster like we don’t know how to do anything. Also customers coming in at 11:59p.m when we are cleaning or closing and ask for a whole bunch of food and complain about customer service. Or telling us that our breaks are too long. That really bothers us.

Next the Managers, they are just like us but worse. They are lazy, telling us to do the work for them; stock, don’t sit, clean up,sweep,mop,do something, get ice,change sodas. Then, they just go back into the office and play solitaire on the computer. The store manager comes in and ask us the most rhetorical questions such as; why is your name tag on the left side instead of the right? Where is your hat? Why isn’t your shirt tucked in, Your shoes are not Black enough, Your Belt is not the right style, Your facial hair is too bushy, your hair is too long. Ok tell me this, we are 15, 16, 17 ,18 years old. Our last priority is to worry about if our side burns are too long or too bushy. If our hair is too long. We really don’t care because we are the ones getting paid low pay while doing the most nasty stuff and unhygienic crap you can think of from, cleaning out trash compactors and Vac Machines, to emptying Griese Trapts to Freezers and Soda Wells. We work 12 hour shifts because we are short of employees or they don’t want to come in, and I don’t blame them. The managers give under aged kids cigarettes to take a some break because the kids parents are not there to watch. I really don’t care much about that.

So in-conclusion, Tell me why people that make snow-balls are getting paid more then kids putting up with customers and cleaning out Vac Machines.