Engineering Job is Uneventful and Boring

I worked for several automotive suppliers in student positions.

You are rarely assigned work, unless you are employed in an R&D department. When work is assigned to you, it is usually menial. If you suggest any tasks for yourself, you are typically shot down from any chance of further exploration.

The average engineer’s job is 90% communication, 5% problem solving, and 5% documenting problems and solutions in [pick any Microsoft Office program]. Most time is spent in meetings. If one tabulated some net numeric output of productivity for such meetings, it would start with a negative sign.

Coworkers in an engineering office are awful. The only type of humor applicable in such places is technical. The only topics of discussion that don’t receive replies of shameful silence are cars, boats, golf, or anything related to all three simultaneously.

This kind of job will crush your love of science and technology.