The Ugly Truth About Nursing: Stay Away

The problem in nursing is not the actual job (provided you had time to do it). It’s a variety of personalities such as doctors (who don’t have to be DRUG TESTED by the way – explain that to me and while you are at it just try to get a job as a nurse WITHOUT being tested), hospital administrators (greedy bas_____), supervisors (many times who are completely worthless) and do only three things – play mind games, encourage the majority, and manipulate people (not in a good way), angry family members who many times have a very good reason to be angry, and patients that do not take care of themselves. Many know more about how their watch works than how their body works. It amazes me how much trust they place in doctors and the medical system. Go ahead and eat as much McDonalds or Arby’s as you want and don’t worry – just take this medicine and we will simply roto rooter your arteries out. What nonsense. My time is largely spent doing two things. Making money for the shareholders of pharmaceutical companies and documenting things that will not be read unless it is in a courtroom.

It will be hard to start over at my age. It is suppose if I were a highly paid prostitute it would be hard to give up that income as well. We are treated like meat and/or little girls. We are yelled at by doctors, verbally abused on the telephone by them, degraded, and physically assaulted. Many of us let it go on because we are in denial. Maybe it is just me or maybe this situation will improve. As days go by it doesn’t improve. Some people with integrity stay in this profession but I would venture to say they are few. You are taught one thing in nursing school but the real world is survival. People with a conscience don’t want to scam others.

Nursing recruiters and administrators know this and that’s why they scramble to fill (outsource) these positions with nurses from very poor countries. I remember two or three incidents that happened to me that will illustrate very well the working conditions. When I was a nursing student I had my very first job as a nurses aide. After about two months evidently I was due for an evaluation. The supervisor (fat and fugley) called me into her office. She clearly enjoyed what she was about to do. With great relish she took out a legal pad of paper with a long list of my infractions (I don’t remember what they were) – probably that I scratched my head at the wrong time. Of course I was devastated. I was about to become a nurse and I took this to mean that I was a failure and would not make it in my profession. She said “we will extend your probation”. Without any counseling whatsoever, she had probably planned to fire me but perhaps had an ounce of humanity left. Then I became a new grad. After completing my new grad program I was working on a very busy medical floor. I was expected to enter orders in the computer after completing the program and starting to work (a better word would be that I was enslaved). I left one order out and the manager called me into her office and gave me formal discipline (even though the order was not critical). I was crying because again I thought this meant that (as a new nurse) I had failed to meet the expectations and would not succeed. She said, “I don’t know if you’re worth it” – meaning that she didn’t really want to keep me on.

Last example was when I had a few more years of experience and was working temp through a registry. A doctor came to the floor and because I told him where a chart was instead of going to get it for him, he went to administration. I will never forget the fat, fugley supervisor sitting behind her desk like a judge of the Supreme Court. She said, “______ what’s going on?”. I told her that I told the doctor where the chart was but was not rude to him. She said “I’m relieving you from duty. You can go home now”. Just try THAT in the corporate world. Try telling people to keep typing – that they don’t have time to go to the bathroom or have a meal. I CAN do this – but I’m not GOING to do it. I don’t advise anyone to do it either. Trust in the universe to provide for your needs and somehow – just like you made it through nursing school the universe will bring exactly what you want into your life. Forgive your enemies and bless them and you will have real wealth. The peace is indescribable. The fact that you can be surrounded by hate and greed and be unmoved is priceless. It’s the only way you can survive in nursing and I advise all of you to sit down and really think about your life. Reflect on it. You can still help people. If you are honest with yourself you know that many times you are not helping these patients. That is why there is no job satisfaction. One last thing – they called another registry nurse to replace me the day I was “relieved from duty”. She said to me, “you have to be a REALLY good actress”. Do you want a job like that? I don’t think so. Yes, there are some positive things but they do not outweigh the negatives and I think things are getting worse – not better. Administrators and supervisors who read these posts are only cheering because they believe they are winning. That they are beating down the profession and maybe they can (although I don’t see how) fill ALL the positions with docile, obedient automatons. The problem is that one day they will find THEMSELVES in the bed that they made for THEMSELVES. And that ladies and gents is going to be a very, very sad day.

However, just like global warming if it hasn’t happened yet it isn’t anything WE have to worry about because it’s all about ME ME ME. Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a fact. Many of the stores I have read I can completely relate to and I hope that everyone here follows their heart.