Working as Engineer in Extreme Secrecy

Ok, so I’m an engineer and I work at area 51 over at groom lake. Yes, all this stupid secrecy! I really hate this job and the pay is crap! Every morning I get up at 5:30AM, get ready (and it takes longer, cause I have to wear a military uniform!), drive over to Las Vegas airport by 7:00AM, take an unmarked plane over to groom lake, deplane at 7:25, take a bus with covered windows over to area-51, go through security check points, and get to my desk by 8:45 then I work until 6:00 pm, reverse engineering stupid flying saucers shot down by the military and have to classify all the parts into a catalogue. Then, I go home at 6, get on the bus, then plane, then drive home. If traffic is good, I get home by 9:00 – i’m so friggin tired when I get home, I just crash.. And the worst part is, I can’t tell anyone about this job because… wajoiwfj Uh OH! CRAP>…………..34 a,as