The Worst Boss You Could Ever Have

I was looking forward to this job so much. It was a clerk position for the State of Connecticut. The day I started there were nine other women working with me and we were all new except three. Our supervisor was named Bea Yich. The day we were to start we did not have any work to do so we were told to just sit there at our computers all day because there was no work yet. The next day Bea came in and told us all we were going to start working. She called us all over and showed us what we would be doing that day. When we got confused or asked questions she blew a gasket and just screamed WHAT IS THE PROBLEM????? It soon became evident that we were correcting other people’s mistakes- (even though nothing was admitted by Bea) Everything on file was a horrendous mess and we were the janitors to clean it up! Bea was supposed to be hired to teach us how to fix ‘the mistakes’ and she was always gone “in an important meeting” wink wink But she was online shopping at Pottery Barn or Macy’s or trying to get tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert!

We all knew this! When we realized everybody was so confused as to what to do with the files and things in the files were a mess, one of us would try to talk to Bea, but Bea wanted to know why the bleep our department could not do their jobs. She would call one of us into her office every day and criticize and say we were such stupid asses for not knowing what to do and we shouldn’t have to ask so many questions and said our advanced college degrees were worthless! Finally one of us contacted her supervisor and complained that she was never there to help us and all the files were a mess and she was very unprofessional, always gone, never supervising anything and Bea called that person into her office the next day and Bea’s boss was there and they both fired her for “goofing off and not doing her job and making waves at the office.” Then one by one we all quit, within a few weeks time.

We were burnt out, we had health problems, some of us were on the verge of suicide because of her. She was a horrible person! And guess what? Bea still works there ten years later! She’s probably still going online all day, leaving to go to the mall, yelling and hollering at all her employees etc. etc.