Use my skills and survive….Unhappy Admin to Adult Entertainer

I am a single mom of two and had a great idea to attend a business school to get a job as an administrative assistant (I chose that career cause the classifieds always had openings so I figured I there was a lot of opportunity…now I think I know the real reason)

Anyhow I completed the program and landed an admin job making 8.50hr. Well, when your rent is half of what you make in a month is doesn’t cut it.

I have great computer skills (Microsoft Office etc..) but I found that I used them maybe 10% of the time. I found myself making up stuff to do, noone really respected in the work place they would always snickered and madecomments like “Hey, quite pretend that your working.”

It was extremely unsatisfing, not to mention what it did to my self esteem. My brain started going to mush no to mention my rearend, I put on a good 15lbs, I guess I was that unhappy. My boss always made it sound like I had such a bright future ahead of me well I wasn’t reaching for my shades, but really how could I ever ask him for more money when I felt I was wasting company time not to mention money.

I was tired of being broke, I put myself on a diet and made a career change. I left the company and became an adult entertainer, I am not proud but hell when you are making in one day what you made in a two week pay period it just makes sense.

I am still searching for a career, maybe I need to go back to school. I would just like to be able to use my skills (computer) and be able to survive……..unhappy admin/entertainer