Made a Mistake with My Career Choice

I like giving care to people but truthfully, people are more grateful to the guy who changed their oil in their car than to the nurse who suctioned their mothers throat so she could breath. They just want to know why the sheets weren’t changed today. I was sort of defaulted into nursing. With young kids I could only work while they were in school. That put me in home care 9-3 as a home health aid. Then came nursing home nights, 11-7 as a nurse’s aid. Then upgrade to hospital. No where else to go but nursing school. I knew nothing else.

At 42 I finally graduated with an associates and worked until now. At 57, give or take, I know nothing else but nursing care. I’m stuck. It’s too late for me to start another career from scratch. I don’t know computers well. I’m too old for physical labor even though I love it. I even tried to get the army to take me to Iraq but they would not. Sometimes I go home and feel like somebody beat me. I had a manager from hell. She’s divorced, angry, bitter and she looks like a man in drag. Sometimes I would wind up with 5 patients. Oh, not bad? One’s an unstable post op, one’s sugar is 38, and the other 3 are tied to the bed but one untied himself and is walking down the hall. What nurse’s aid? she’s on break and also split with 4 nurses. There’s no one else but me. Oh, here comes your admit from ER. What admit? Now in the midst of all this god forbid you make a transcription error, miss an order or are late with a med. If there is a complaint your facility will not stand behind you and support you. And that manager that looks like a man in drag will be waving those papers in front of you to sign. And know that when you swing, you swing alone.

NOW, what I am seeing is facilities hiring new grads for ICU and ER (cause they’re cheap)(so what if they are inexperienced) and getting rid of seasoned (expensive)nurses in the way I just explained. If I knew then what I know now I would never have done it, I’d be changing oil. And I advise everyone not to go into nursing. And I am very pro union. Recently was offered a tremendous amount of money to work in Ellis hospital. They where possibly going on strike. I would not in a million years cross a picket line to work in a strike. Its the best thing for us, but too late for me.