I have been a registered nurse in the state of South Carolina for about ten years now and I hate it!!!! I have been from one job to the next looking for the “right job”, but to no avail. The nursing profession is DANGEROUS!!! I frequently see articles and news reports about the national “nursing shortage”. Let us stop and think for a minute why this is an epidemic. I’ll tell you why. ¬†We are forced to work in unbearable, abusive conditions at all times of the day and night. We are forced to work in dangerously understaffed situations that could spell disaster for our personal futures, we see death and the underbelly of humanity on a daily basis, we are scapegoats for other medical “professionals”, and who has our backs? NO ONE! I was born in the north and grew up understanding the value of collective bargaining. I believe that at no other time in nursing history have we needed a nursing union more!

I have spent part of my afternoon reading some of the other entries made by other disillusioned nurses, so I know I am not alone. Unlike some of the others, I still believe that nursing COULD be a decent profession. The hospitals, clinics that we work in get away with murder by not staffing appropriately¬†and not providing us with safe and healthy(physically and emotionally) work environment. I believe that having a union to do our bargaining is the only answer. Many people say that unions drive up costs….I do not believe this to be true. Most nurses are not wanting more money, we desire safe and decent jobs where we can expect and demand respect and have a safe place to work where we don’t have to worry that all we work for may be lost in a lawsuit!!! My fellow nurses….we MUST unite!! Only WE have the power to make this change!