Not as Worse as You thought at MacDonalds

I’m 16 and have been working at Maccas in Sydney, Australia for 6 months now. I got my job through applying online to my local restaurant and going in for an interview, then got an email welcoming me to the team. I took it because I needed a job, needed the money, and heard the training was great. Previously I worked in a 4 star hotel (Sheraton) as a room stripper (linen, garbage etc). At the hotel I was paid $12 an hour. At Mcdonalds, i am paid $10 and hour and it is much easier work. The people who complain of poor work conditions, mean managers, being forced to do thing like work longer, leave early or not be allowed to take a break if feeling sick either work in some warped universe, or are lying because it is WRONG.

My first few shifts I was on fries (duh!) and dining. Learnt to clean tables floors change bins restock etc. Then I advanced to front counter,very hard at first but got the hang of it after about 6 hours working on there. It is scary at first, and i was scared of the managers, but they turned out to be some of the nicest people ever. We have rules in our restaurant about how to treat other crew members, and NOTHING is tolerated. Everybody is nice, everybody is equal. If a crew member makes a complaint to the manager, it is addressed and the problem is fixed. If you feel sick, you are allowed to go home, either they find a replacement, someone offers to stay back or the manager fills in for you. I have been asked on occasion to stay back, and I always do because i like being at work. I have fun with the people I work with, and it isn’t like it is overly difficult work. I get paid good and I do what I’m trained to.

Once there were too many staff rostered on for what turned out to be a very quiet day (pouring rain,our restaurant is hard to access) and they were asking people if they wanted to go home BUT THEY NEVER FORCED US TO LEAVE it was made clear to us that if we didn’t want to go home we didn’t have to we were just being given the option. I personally opted out because it was pouring rain, Sunday lunchtime and I was unbelievably tired. But I was never forced.

People who say their Mcdonalds has cockroaches, mice, is dirty and unhygienic then there is something wrong with your managers. We are CONSTANTLY cleaning, I have NEVER seen a mouse. I have seen one cockroach outside the whole time I worked there. I read on here that somebody said they cook meat and make burgers without gloves, that’s complete crap because gloves are worn for everything and changed even more. Hands are also washed minimum half hourly, it is a Maccas regulation that we are all made to follow.

The parts of my job that make me happy are that I have fun at work, a lot of the crew has become my friends, and working with them at Mcdonalds sure is a hell of a lot more fun than stripping dirty linen off of a bed on your own in an empty hotel room. I don’t want to quit, I’m attached, it didn’t take me long. The only thing that bothers me are when somebody doesn’t pull their weight and leaved extra work for others, or of course difficult customers, but when that happens all I have to do is call a managers name and they come and HAPPILY help me with whatever problem i have. even when they are flat out busy.

Last shift i got injured, i dropped the fry basket on my arm and now have a deep second degree burn about the size of a mobile phone on my right fore arm. I take full responsibility, and my managers DID NOT force me to keep working, in fact quite the opposite they FORCED me to stand with my arm under cool water for 20 minutes even when I demanded I was fine to keep working. All these shits who whinge when they get injured by fault of their own are just stupid….duh hot oil is HOT, hot grills are HOT, don’t touch them on purpose, and accidents happen. ¬†How is the manager supposed to stop you burning yourself by ACCIDENT? she isn’t psychic.

I think people need to give Maccas a break. I have never had a bad shift, and have no complaints. Don’t stereotype Maccas employees as losers either, we are just normal teens trying to earn some money, and just because I like working there doesn’t make me a loser. I cant stand the people who mope around all pissed off because they hate their work. I don’t think they hate their work, I think they are just lazy and hate having to do things. I always said I would never work at Maccas. I always thought it was gross and no way would I work in fast food, especially mickey D’s but I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else now. I also want to add to the Mcdonalds customers give us a break, we have time limits to meet, and when we are busy we try our best, we are human too and we cant make 6 chicken tandoori wraps and 4 customised burgers appear out of nowhere….nor can we make the fries cook faster. We serve you as fast and as best we can, so get over yourself and dont be rude to the front counter servers if you have a problem, because it is usually no more their fault than it is yours.

And also, when i leave school next year I want to be a doctor, so I’m not a stupid high school dumbass burger flipper (believe it or not I’ve never even made a burger at Maccas).