Nursing Student – Discouraged with Nursing School

I am struggling just to get through the program and the abuse from the instructors is terrible. Most of them are condescending and disrespectful. Of course, there are some great instructors, but the bad outweigh the good, by far. It’s a great disappointment for me.

We are in constant fear of being failed out, and if we ask questions, we are told to “look it up”. Sometimes, I think they don’t know the answers, so that’s what they say to us. Their attitudes make me think, “is this what I’m going to have to deal with when I work with a bunch of women?” I think I’d rather work with a bunch of grumpy men, at least they’re not hormonal half the time. Nursing school instructors from my experience have been unfair (actually, about 1/2 of them have been that way). It’s hard to keep a good attitude when you feel they’re out to fail you with the first mistake you make.