A Former Bank Teller Sounds Off

I worked as a bank teller for a year, the pay wasn’t bad or the hours with the exception of working on Saturday mornings. I like to have my weekends off but at least it wasn’t every Saturday. But my major gripe are the customers. We had some really nice customers that would come in and chat with you about anything and everything but it’s the nasty (and inconsiderate ones) that irritate me. It seems the more money they have the bigger asshole they are. Just because they have more money than they know what to do with and don’t have to work for a living they think they can treat everyone who does work like crap. There were times I needed my catchers mitt to catch their ID’s because instead of handing it to me they get pissed and throw it at me. Excuse me who do the fuck do they think they are? Don’t they know we are not threatened by their actions? At a bank all we have to do is call security and the customer is escorted out and their account gets closed. I have reported a few of these gems. Also don’t these idiots know when we go in the back room to get something for them we are actually laughing at them? The best is the drive up, I had one customer that I didn’t know pitch a fit because I asked for an ID because he was withdrawing a huge amount of cash, basically your rich asshole. Well he started in with his ballin’ and yelling at me thinking I should be kissing his ass and the whole world should know who he is because he’s the most important person in the universe. I really don’t care and I didn’t want to hear anymore of his pissing and whining so I shut the mike off and looked at him with a big stupid grin on my face. My partner at the window was laughing his butt off, he recognized the customer(he wasn’t able to tell me who it was before I asked for an ID because he was waiting on a customer) because this person’s company was doing some work at his second job. The rich asshole is CEO of a roofing company and my partner was going to tell him the next time he sees him the shoddy work they do. As I handed this piss ant his money I gave him a big dorky wave with a stupid grin on my face and said have a nice day! The jerk reported me but because I had a witness and followed bank procedure I didn’t get in trouble, instead his name was turned in to security. Buh bye jerk!

Another thing I can’t stand are the dorks that come in minutes before the bank closes (once we had a customer come in when someone was locking the doors) and want us to process several transactions. HELLO! Can’t people read the hours on the doors? If your watch says 4:59 and the bank closes at 5, GO HOME AND COME BACK WHEN THE BANK IS OPEN FOR MORE THAN A MINUTE!! We would like to go home instead of waiting on you. When it’s the end of the day and tellers don’t have any customers they like to start closing things up by balancing their drawers to make sure they didn’t make any mistakes. Nothing worse than finding a mistake at the last minute.

So next time you go to your bank, leave your nasty attitude at the door. Tellers don’t want to deal with you and don’t care how much money you have. They are not impressed, remember if they want to see money they can go in the vault and look. Also if you do get rude, they can go in the back room or shut the mike off and laugh at you or turn you in to security. Tellers are not there to make your life miserable. If a teller can’t do something, don’t criticize or insult them. Tellers have to follow bank rules no matter what or they get fired. I’m glad I’m not a teller anymore. I was getting ready to smack some of these dumbasses upside their heads. My mother taught me to treat others how I would like to be treated, has anyone else heard of that rule? I don’t think so. I was always nice to my customers and always went out of my way to help them (rude ones too) and all I would get is my ass chewed by those who think they are so much better than everyone else.

Please be kind to tellers and anyone else who has to work on the other side of the counter. At least the person is working and being a contributing member of society.