The Great Mumbo Jumbo of Words and Figures

I am an Australian guy presently in Dublin on a one-year working visa. Before the inevitable question arises, I am in this cold, frenetic, Guinness-swilling city purely because I have met an Irish maiden of the highest order, ie. a girlfriend. I met her whilst in Edinburgh on the two-year UK working holiday and after trying unsuccesfully to get on my life without her back in Oz at the completion of that visa, I headed back over here to take Dublin by storm. Unfortuantley the storms here have taken me in, that is inside, and most of the time that is the inside of a pub!. Things are cracking along with her and now she plans to come back to Oz with me for one year. At the completion of that some serious decisions have to be made.

Dublin is a fast city. Forget about the stereotypical paddie taking his time in moving his herd of sheep along the road, Dublin is foreign to the rest of the Emerald Isle. Some areas you can hear a posh English accent coming through, that is the upper class. Then the mild accent signifies the middle class, whilst the ‘Dub’ accent typifies the rough working-class or non-working class, the derilict areas which show no signs of improving.

I don’t mind Dublin, it’s a little hectic for my liking, but generally it’s good craic. I would enjoy it a whole lot more if I found a job I enjoyed. I have been living here for four months and have spent the majority of that time working for Allied Irish Banks in credit control, which is just a fancy title for data entry with a little bit of wank admin work. It is mind-numbingly, spirit-crushingly mundane, and the atmosphere is as stale as bread that has gone past it’s used-by date. The staff are generally dour people, and seem to walk in every morning with the expression of ‘F**k this place, who told me that banking was a smart career move?’. And I am one of them. It’s just a means to an end, and something to fund my late nights whilst I am here, to drink in the pubs that make Dublin so famous. I am still only a temporary employee here and not a day goes by when I don’t think of quitting. But on some days it becomes bearable, and that’s what keeps me going here- those days when I don’t find it physically impossible to smile!

My aim is to head back home later this year and try to get into university to study journalism. I need a job with a little flair, and something that will be interesting and can get something out of. I am a good enough writer and learn quickly. I have done my travelling over here and are now ready to become more ‘career-orientated’. As I cruised through my final year of high-school without a care in the world my grades stayed fairly average. But if given the chance, I’m going to give it a real crack. If I’m not accepted I’ll do what I have to do to get in. I’ll keep the ‘great mumbo-jumbo of words and figures’ at Allied Irish Banks as an inspiration to never land a job in a place like this ever again…