McDonalds:Worse than Any Concentration Camps

Ok let me first start by saying I don’t mind working a lot of hours I worked at a construction company I mean I did tons more work there than I did in five minutes at Mcdonalds, BUT! when you get yelled at for not getting a order out in 90 seconds and it takes 120 seconds to just prep the food I mean what the hell is up with that my manager actually threw a big mac at me for not sending out UNDERCOOOKED FOOD! I didn’t want a kid getting food poisoning so I told her that then she said “FINE then I got the perfect job for you” I spent 7 1/2 Hrs cleaning up the mess left behind by customers and then unloading a truck which by the way is less than 35 degrees fahrenheiht JUST ME!!! no help or nothing I got so sick from being in that truck for hours and then the managers made me come in the next day for my shift mcdonalds is worse than Hitler’s reign and concentration camps!