Bakery Assistant also known as Bakery Cleaner

My job is the Bakery Assistant in the afternoon. That really just translates to the bakery cleaner… because everyone knows there is no bread baked in the afternoons (at least in grocery stores anyway). Before this job I was working in the grocery department of the same supermarket, but due to being a full time student and having to juggle going to work and a fairly heavy study load, i gave that up for regular 3 hour afternoon shifts in the bakery.

At first, it was not bad, I do the occasional packing of things. Our store IS actually a fairly hygienic and decent bakery. I have no horror stories to tell you about the actual goods we sell. The staff are generally nice people… but there is nothing nice about their work. It is horribly boring and in my opinion unrewarding. We are considered the blemish on the store, outcast from the rest of the stores social networks.

In terms of accomplishment, it is possible that I have one of the least rewarding jobs ever created because the majority of my work is Cleaning. I will clean the place, come back the next day and find the bakery looking like an absolute mess again. I work alone most of the time as well, but that can be seen as a good thing.

For the most part, an average shift would consist of cleaning the benches, the floors, organizing the utensils and apparatus, possibly packing some things away and reducing prices on bread. I have to do temperature checks and sanitize a bunch of things too.

I think of quitting almost every day. I wanna quit now… but then there’s the problem of finding work that fits so perfectly to my lifestyle. Because as much as I hate it, this truly does fit perfectly into my schedule. I would rather be doing almost anything, but probably not factory work. I one day hope to become a journalist, as I am a media student majoring in politics, or hopefully my music will be more than just the small time gigs that I have now and I will be able to support myself through it.