An Open Letter to McDonald’s.. Read This!

Dear McDonald’s..

Just a few things on my mind, and I need to get them off my chest.. First of all, LISTEN, and don’t just pretend you are. Don’t agree with anything I say unless you really agree with me, because I know what you do when I’m gone. You turn around and talk to someone else about me behind my back, and then you also turn around and talk about them behind their back to someone else. I’ve heard it all. I’m a great person to get along with, and I don’t know what you guys’ points are acting all cocky like you’re God’s gift to us crew. You’re lucky you’re even in the position you are. All you managers, most (not all, and you know who you are) of you have either not graduated high school, have a criminal record (or both), or you just flat out don’t want to come to work. Some of you even get fired, and then they just get you back in there, and what’s more, even in the managing position back where you were instead of starting out as crew again. The word “FAIR” isn’t in the McDonald’s dictionary. What’s the use of even going into the managing position to make .50 to a dollar more than crew if you aren’t even going to show up in the first place? I don’t think you’ll get paid more like that. I heard one of my fellow employees once say, “Once the hat comes off, all the common sense goes with it.” Well put! Managers ask the crew things that they don’t know! Things such as, “how do you put the muffin toaster together?”, “What goes on a Big ‘n Tasty?”, and my personal favorite.. while holding a mysterious screw, “What does this go to?” (Meanwhile the shake machine has already leaked 3 gallons in the grill area).

Speaking of the hat thing.. How is it that wearing a hat is a safety thing for the crew, but the managers, while performing the same tasks (when they aren’t sitting on their butts in the office or taking a 30 minute smoke break or even just standing up front running their mouth), don’t have to wear them? It suddenly isn’t a safety procedure then… hmm… maybe it’s the color shirt you have that makes up for the hat thing… mysterious……

On another note.. let me explain to you how my first 3 days went, in case you didn’t realize it..

The day before I actually started working was the day that I came in and got my application, filled it out while I was there (my availability on the application being 7-3, agreeing to open once a week, twice at the most), turned it in, was interviewed, and I was hired on the spot. (desperate for workers, eh.. but I ever so naively continued the process) I was SO happy because I was getting to leave that awful and brainwashing telemarketing world… heh…

Day 1: I came in at 7 AM and was sent to the crew room to do some “e-Learning.” I was shown how to do breakfast grill items such as eggs, sausage, ham, and both kinds of bacon. I did this until about 9:45, and I was instructed to go on break. When I got back from break at 10:15, I was told to go back on the grill area.. the most stressful part of the day! Switchover! Not to mention after switchover was done, we would be selling lunch! I was totally lost, but even in those last few minutes of switchover, one of the crew members was kind enough to tell me just to step back and let them get through that, and then they (the crew) would help me learn. To cook regular meat, I was shown to put 9 pieces of meat down, let it cook, and use the metal spatula and the little black spatula to get it up.. but wait.. where was the little black spatula? Oh well, someone said that the little white spatula was right there, so it would do. Two runs of regular meat later, oh my.. what was I thinking to just substitute the little black spatula with the little white spatula? They are nothing alike! Wait.. where did the little white spatula even go? Oh well, the manager said I could just use the little yellow spatula for now.. Five runs of regular meat later.. OH MY! I MUST go find the little black spatula because someone might get food poisoning!….. Oh, I found the little black spatula, it was under the grill. I must hurry up, I don’t have time to wash it off, they told me I could just wipe it off with a towel………. Oh, must I go on with that day…..

Day 2: I came in at 7 AM again, and the head manager hugs me like she means something by it and says, “OH you came back the second day!” What!? Did I hear her right? Um.. this is after all my job; how else am I going to make money? So anyway, day 2 starts off with doing the breakfast that I learned the day before on e-Learning, but didn’t get to do yet.. it was an interesting day. I could do sausage pretty well since I got to do regular meat the day before.. I could do round eggs well because I’m good at breaking yokes.. my crew trainer gave me the big spoon to do the folded eggs with, and after I learned how to do them, one of the crew said they were beautiful, and another said they were too thick, so I must demonstrate how I was doing it.. Ah! Wrong spoon.. but the crew trainer denied showing me the way I was doing it… Scrambled eggs took a while, but I got them after a few runs………. That day went on….. need I say more….

Day 3: I opened! Another crew trainer showed me how to open the grill area.. what supplies to bring out (the egg things were already neatly put on the grill and the teflon sheets were already on the grills thanks to the wonderful closers.. heh..) what food to bring out after I stocked the regular and quarter meats for lunch so we won’t have to rush around at switch over.. (sausage, bacon, McChicken, eggs, ham, and Canadian bacon.. also cheese and tomatoes) He showed me how to cook and prepare for opening….. then the rest of the day happened pretty much like the first 2 days……….

(stuff happened.. people got mad, people quit, poor management evolved, trust was lost, and poor maintenance evolved)

SOOoo….. One year and a bad back later: Everyday procedures are: Open EVERYDAY that I work! Even if it’s 6 days a week! (even though one crew member was conned into coming in on their day off because I supposedly couldn’t open 6 days in a row) hmm…..
Opening procedures – meet in the parking lot every morning before 4 and wait for the manager to decide to show up, even if it means 4:15.. clock in and not get your time set to 4 because the manager is too lazy or doesn’t want to get in trouble.. take 20-30 minutes to clean up the closers’ messes.. get the supplies needed to prepare breakfast items including putting on teflon sheets and getting egg things.. go to walk-in and freezer and get the food that needs to be prepared before the store opens with the exception of McChicken (because it is stacked up to the ceiling and not even a step ladder would help me reach that high) and Hotcakes (because they were not laid out in the walk-in and they are on the top shelf in the freezer and again too high to reach)..I ask the maintenance man to get them down for me.. after preparing what breakfast is available (including using the white little white spatula to help pick up sausage because there are no more little black spatulas because night shift dropped them in the trash can and was too lazy to get them out.. and also “what-the-hecking” the scrambled eggs by just pouring some in because the big spoons are also missing) the first order is for Hotcakes Only.. I still have no Hotcakes.. hmm….. soo.. after ONE of VERY FEW nice managers (mind you, short like me) goes to the freezer, climbs the shelves and gets my Hotcakes.. get the Hotcakes out.. get an order for McChicken.. hmmmm.. maintenance man finally does what he is asked for the 4th time.. hold on McChicken full time.. after all breakfast items are finally cooked.. I bust my butt to keep my times down (amazingly at 21 seconds, and still asked if that is the best I can do), yet keep the food cooked up and work on lunch prep.. big manager comes in and the day goes on.. 9:00 – still no break.. 9:28 – still no break.. oh wait, I can go on break now, yet I leave at 10.. hmm.. forget it.. the day goes on.. switchover (fighting, fussing, cussing).. 11:30 – wait, who is that outside? OH NO! Inspectors came without telling! Hurry, act fake managers! Tell us to wipe down, sweep, scrub, mop, stainless, take out trash, do lobby, put all dirty towels in the “Soiled Towels Only” bucket, give us the new teflon sheets and new towels, come “help” us get our KVS times down, yell at us for doing wrong, tell us to settle down and not stress out.. whatever.. we fail regardless because you didn’t make us clean for days.. you need to stop stressing out…

Just a few questions and suggestions.. not that my thoughts count, but as one of the managers said to me a while back, “opinions are like buttholes, everybody’s got one”.. so I just have the right to speak what I feel.. not saying you have to listen..

+You should take your position seriously if you really want it, and do something about the things that aren’t getting done in the store, and set an example.
+Why is it that you think you have to treat us like crap? Most of us do everything for you that we can, plus more, and yet that isn’t enough. WE DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF McDONALD’S! Just because you are “dedicated” to your job.. heh.. doesn’t mean that we want to be there 24/7. You don’t even realize when we VOLUNTEER to come in.. you just ask for a mile when we give you an inch.
+Why do you favor some crew above others and let them get away with so much more? (Don’t deny it) Why do you hire some people back after you fire them or they quit or walk out time after time, but others don’t even have a chance?
+Why do you take doctors notes that says that someone can only lift so much and make them lift that or more? Why do you not listen when a doctor’s note says that someone has to have a break every three hours?
+Why do you let some people call in day after day after day and do nothing about it, but demand a doctor’s not from others the first time they call in?

…oh I could ask more questions, but that’s enough for now.. but I do have a couple more comments..
>This job is only temporary!!! I will NOT be there forever, so do not think I will keep staying just because you ask me to. The only reason I am still there is because I haven’t found another job yet, and I would work almost anywhere than there.. even telemarketing.. and I hated it!
>Just so you know, going to college is what made me have to start taking anti-depressants, and that was why I quit a year ago.. but when I started working at McDonald’s for a while, it made me want to go back to that awful place.. also, just so you know, I’m actually looking for a job and I have somebody helping me, and she promises to try and have me out of there in less than 6 months. Also, I don’t have to give a 2 week notice if I don’t want to. Why should I have to if you never do me any favors?
>What makes you think you can record our conversations, especially without permission?

Anyways, I guess that’s all I have to say for now.. I’m sure I can think of more later… but at least I feel better now that I got some of it off of my chest.

I’ll have a good night’s rest now,