What’s it Like to be a Medic in Iraq

I am 24 years old and I am getting ready to start Nursing school this fall. No, I don’t have experience as a RN, but I soon will.

However, I did serve 5 years as a medic in the military where I did two tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan. Reading these articles from the bitching nurses makes me sick. I even read one article saying “I would rather be in Iraq than in a hospital”.

I know I don’t have RN experience yet, but let me tell you something I DO KNOW. Every one of the nurses writing bad things about the nursing field needs to step back and take a look at the world. You all have first class educations, make decent money and have the luxury of waking up everyday knowing you have a job to go to. Let me challenge you, join the military, go serve as a medic in Iraq where you deal with gunshot wounds, blown off arms and legs and people dying in your arms on a daily basis.

You go do that and I promise you that you will be BEGGING for your hospital job back. But, if you hate your nursing jobs that much, then quit. Let me tell you from personal experience, you have it easy!! Open your eyes and think about it for a minute.