Many People are Hating on Nursing

It’s been brewing under the surface since my 1st job and the truth has now hit me head on. I hate nursing.

I came to this realization after I googled, “I hate nursing”. After reading what other nurses were saying it was like everyone somehow had the power to read my mind.

Now before all of you new and future nurses get your panties in a twist over what I have just said, stop and just listen.

When I say I hate nursing I am saying that I hate all the crap that has polluted our profession. I love the theory of nursing. Yet we are not allowed to practice that way due to our illustrious health care system and it’s biggest driver: the almighty dollar.

I started out in a L&D unit after graduation. L&D was my passion. Then the reality of asshole physician’s and the fact that this is one of the most sued areas in medicine started to put a damper on my enthusiasm. I loved my patients and was filled with joy to share in the birth of a new human being. However each day this was getting diminished by hospital political bullshit, an administration that overlooked bad physician behaviour, a travel nurse getting hung to dry over a fetal death because a physician couldn’t comprehend “I need you to come to the hospital”, being called everyday I had a day off asking if I could come in, getting called on my scheduled days to be put on call because I wasn’t needed, favoritism deciding who got the holidays off and a hospital that felt operating like a Ritz Carlton was somehow better for patient care.

Nursing school really doesn’t open your eyes to it all. In nursing school there is still a thin veil of protection around you. It’s not till you get that coveted license and first get thrown to the wolves that the hard ugly reality settles in.

I don’t know of too may professions where to be treated like crap,get under paid, think your lunch break is a luxury, think you’ve won the lottery if you can steal 5 second to pee, and get blamed for all that goes wrong but no credit for what goes right is the norm.

If nursing stays as it is now I could not honestly recommend anyone pursue this abuse, oops. . . I mean profession.

By now some of you are saying, “Well just leave the hospital”!

Well I did and it didn’t get a whole lot better.

Yes I joined the dark side, affectionately known as the HMO and IPA.

Yes I work M-F at a computer. However I still get my ass chewed off by MD’s or patient’s. I have to work with incompetent lazy support staff who the administration allows to get away with murder. Although I still am responsible for their work :)

I have patients pissed off at me because I denied a service. Not because I am a heartless bitch but because the dumb ass that they are getting their medical care from, who made it through medical school for reasons unknown,is asking for something that is not appropriate nor will really help the patient.

Yet I am the bad guy because I am just a piss at nurse from the health plan and their doctor is the best!

Go Figure.

Well six years into my nursing career and 2 antidepressants later I have come to realize that as it is now, I hate nursing!