domino’s pizza delivery…..easy job, but the customers are too demanding

ok, so a while ago i used to work at domino’s pizza and unfortunately i wasted a bit of time there…
1. If you are an alien, walk on 4 legs, still born fetus, stuffed animal or have a horn growing out of your forehead or ass the good news is YOU CAN BE HIRED HERE!

That being said, there are just so many negative factors that outweigh the positives I don’t know where to begin….positions:
you can start off as a driver, a phone person, or a trainee manager (learn how to make pizza and get some management responsiblities) well, they all suck in there own ways…
DRIVER: They make a lot of money some nights but considering you put 100 to 200 miles and upwards sometimes a night because domino’s delivery areas are really ridiculous its not worth it. They pay for each delivery you take an all but depending on the demographic that could be 50 cents or a whopping 1.30…ooooooo
When you’re putting that many miles on your car what about tires, brakes, oil changes…anything else that might happen…also to drive you have to sign a waiver saying you promise to drive in inclement weather and not bitch. so besides risking your life to drop off pizza what else does this entail you might ask??…selling your cars soul and being unappreciated by every lazy inconsiderate fatass who doesn’t feel like picking up his own pizza…who feels like calling your shop in a blizzard for delivery and then calling 40 minutes later bitching your not there yet…DUDE IT’S A FUCKING BLIZZARD OUTSIDE! cut the damn driver some slack…its not like your pizza’s 2 hours late…this stupid kid or pathetic old person is risking there life to drop off your food…but furthermore this leads me to THE STAFFING..
nobody wants to work at domino’s ever and when they do they don’t show up and when they do show up they are annoying and when they aren’t annoying they suck at working and when all of that doesn’t apply they always want 4 days off and 5 working days! WTF you can’t do that!
see at every domino’s there are 2 or 3 good workers that overcompisate for everybody elses lazy ass. ALWAYS UNDERSTAFFED combined with their stupid focus on delivering equals chaos and horror…especially for the drivers and managers. If you dont mind making minimum wage and only getting about 15 hours a week to work the real position to be had is the phone person because they get to do all the fun stuff like top pizza’s and get the oven and stuff with no responsibilties and when a customer complains all they do is get the manager.

THE MANAGER–by far the worst position in the place…terrible..and here’s why..upper management is convinced that they are just fucking retarded…there is only 2 smart upper managers that I know and unfortunately there intelligent opinions are washed out by all the other ones banter.
AND THE FUNNIEST THING ABOUT UPPER MANAGEMENT…they take themselves so seriously…its just plain obnoxious really…
THE CUSTOMERS…they’re the worst they’ve driven me to the point of never wanting to speak to anybody or see anybody ever again..
you get them all…from the i ordered a pepperoni (when you know goddamn well that they ordered extra cheese or whatever it may have been)…or the i ordered half an hour ago wheres my pizza dont you guys have that guarentee (no jackass that was like a billion years ago and they’ve seen then stopped that ridiculousness…and by the way JACKASS the reason your food isn’t there is because you live 7 miles from the store, it’s friday rush hour and we only have 2 drivers on tonight because this fucking place never has enough people to work WE’RE FUCKING HIRING IF YOU’D LIKE TO APPLY?)
OR my personal fav.
my wings aren’t crispy enough, the crust is too burnt, i didn’t get enough, my wings are too soggy WAH WAH FUCKING WAh….none of these complaints are ever valid its always the same scammers over and over again trying to get more free chicken or pizza or something for free anything right KEEP GRASPING AT STRAWS…you’ll always get it though if you try hard enough…thing they really feel good about themselves? you shouldnt you should feel like trash because we all make fun of you after we hang up…plus we know your address and number so when you call back we remember you.
on a personal note this place also sucks because you never get an offical break…no 15’s no lunch or dinner…no work structure …true there are times when it’s not busy and you can smoke but ordering or making food for yourself is out of the question…because it seems as soon as you even begin to think about eating (it could be ANYTIME SERIOUSLY) people will begin to call. You could be dead for 2 hours and as soon as you say hey…im hungry i think i’ll eat now..FORGET IT..some other customer will want pizza and you’ll have to make it and then another will call on top of it…wolfing down crappy pizza or whatever else you may be eating gets old after a while and you will start to have digestion problems. and perhaps the more frustrating thing about it…especially if you’re a driver is having to put off eating to serve somebody elses hunger…now that’s cruel…and same goes for potty breaks and so forth and so on
are there any perks to the job?
yeh sure, it’s really routine and easy and if you want experience and a quick promotion it can be had. Plus the pay from a managerial standpoint isn’t so horrible but at what cost (80-90 hours a week??? no i’m not lying it is very possible for a manger there to double 7 days straight)…

just stay away and make sure you treat them nicer next time you call…they’re job might be cake but they sure do pay for it’s “easy-ness”