Helpful Perspective from a Med Student

To all those in the med profession-love. To those who don’t appreciate it-be glad you’re not in Canada or any other country where health care is nonexistent.

Bottom line is we’re born (if we’re not aborted cause we’re an inconvenience), life is tough and then we die.

I’m not in it for the money because I learned a long time ago that it’s not worth the effort. Hopefully, I’ll get to make enough to live comfortably and support a family as well as volunteer overseas to help patients who have nothing. They would thank God for medical help that spoiled Americans with their lawyers would use as another reason to complain. So sad, the human condition. I do it because I’ve been blessed with the ability, so I want to share the love and my faith. I also make that white coat look good.

By the way, med school is simply inhumane. When you’re taking speed and coke (the illegal stuff, not the beverage) to keep up, then my expert opinion is that life is harder than it ought to be. And then we have residency to look forward to. But enough about that. We do make more than PA’s, RNP’s, RN’s, etc., so don’t hate.

To the PA’s, RNP’s, RN’s, etc., we couldn’t do what we do without you.

Thanks for reading.