I Love Working as a Nurse

I am a Registered nurse who worked many years as a floor nurse and team leader on a medical unit consisting mostly of cardiac patients and occasional neurology patients. I loved being a nurse despite the fact that the hospital was always short staff and the pay for Arkansas is among one of the lower paying states. I still want to be a nurse, but I can no longer work in the hospital because of a torn disc and subsequent degenerative disc and joint disease.

I am about to complete my BSN and hope to teach other nurses. Nursing has to be a part of you. It is not about the money. It is about the caring, healing, and hope for your patients. I would recommend that nurses should work toward making changes in the work environments. The hospitals should be regulated to have the proper staff and institute lift teams with the proper equipment to make nurses safer and happier. Nurses need to write to their congressman and senators and let them know that part of the reason for nursing shortages is the lack of safety in the working environments.

Studies have shown that nurses are more likely to suffer back injuries than construction workers! Do not give up on nursing think of what it stands for and make it better instead of being bitter. Nurses who will not sell out to the companies but be a voice of other nurses should complete higher degrees and acquire jobs in management or education and make a difference in the profession. I would not be complaining if I was still able to work in my field and I will be working in my field again with a new focus.