Do Not Go Into Nursing if You Love Yourself

I am a new nurse, graduated two months ago and now in a position as a psychiatric nurse. I came from a technical background. I used to do inspection work for turbine repair facilities and power plants. I loved that work, but it was monotonous, and had little prospect for advancement. I was also working in a boom/bust industry, I never felt I was on stable footing in any workplace.

So I chose nursing because it’s technical, task-oriented, worthwhile, and has a variety of options where on can work, both in job descriptions and geographically. I can work anywhere, almost.

I love talking with people, using counselling and communication skills to try and help people get where they need to be. You can’t do that on a typical med/surg floor, which is why I am liking psych nursing.

I did a preceptorship on a medical floor, and it was basically hell. I struggled for two months to try and get a grip on taking care of 10 patients.  I don’t feel I could do it without help. And if I could, the reward is to come back the next day and have another shift of running my ass off, risking making huge mistakes because of the patient load and pace, and being emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day.

What do I hope to be doing in 5 years? I would like to say mental health nursing in a more advanced role, but the way things are, I may be back in school, learning yet another skill set.

My two cents to anyone who is looking for a career, either a new one or the first one: do not choose nursing! There is no shortage of nurses: there is a shortage of nurses willing to work under these conditions. Don’t buy into media and educational institutions saying there’s a dire need. Let yourself enjoy a less stressful and more rewarding career in another profession, because nursing isn’t going in a good direction anytime soon.

PS: Everyone else has covered the back- biting, back-stabbing, condescension, boot-licking, cattiness and general shitty-assed workplace politics of nursing, so I won’t bother.