Non Profit Program Assistant…..Vital, Meaningless Scut Work

I work as a program assistant in the membership division of a large non-profit in Washington DC. I got the job through temping, after having spent a couple of years working as a waitress and a picture-framer after graduating from college. I took the job because a) I wanted to learn more computer skills, b) I wanted to find out what working in an office was like, and c) it pays very well and the there are terrific benefits like tuition assistance and subsidized travel.

I’m about 4 months shy of having been here 2 years, but I have been actively looking for another job for at about 3 months.

I truly hate this job. This organization is completely conservative – definitely the Old White Guard is still firmly at the helm, despite the fact that they are all knocking on death’s door.

My work load – which is almost exclusively mind-numbingly dull mass mailings and huge piles of paperwork – alternates between being non-existent or else there is so much work to do (and everybody needs their work done “right away”) that I want to scream.

Parts of the job I dislike the most: the office politics (i.e. serious butt kissing) that goes on here – it’s embarrassing and pathetic to watch, the way the support staff does 80% of the work but gets no credit for it, having people in the building call me up to find out information for them that they could have looked up for themselves in less time.

On a brighter note, I have gotten to travel to interesting parts of the country for the job, which has been a nice change of pace. My current boss (I am going on 4 bosses in less than 2 years – another huge annoyance) is really nice but it’s not enough to keep me here – it’s as if the job is designed for quick burn-out.

My background is partly in the visual arts and I would like to go back to school to become a graphic designer (I think – I keep waffling on the going-back-to-school thing). I figure I’m only 26 years old, I have few expenses – life is too short to be miserable just for a good paycheck!

Maybe I’ll move down south and live of the fat of the land!