Not so Glamorous Job as Laurent Bakery Pastry Chef

I am an Indian man in my early 30s who came to Melbourne in the hope of finding good employment. I have been a pastry chef for over 10 years now, and was able to get a job with Laurent Bakery at the factory in Clayton – a well respected pâtisserie. I signed a contract and they helped me get my visa to stay in Australia.

After starting with Laurent I learned the truth about how the business operates. No-one works a 40 hour week, everyone has to stay until their job is done daily even if that takes 12 hours. Because most of us are on contracts for our visas we can’t complain or we get sent home.

The workplace is unsafe, they lock the fire exits and the place is filthy due to under staffing. Dough often ends up on the floor when it is left to sit in the mixing bowls and is then just put back in and used anyway. So often things will be left out for too long or in unhygienic places just because there are not enough staff working there. The management and owners all say that’s the problem, but do they think we are stupid? Anyone can call an agency and get more staff, especially when the owner is driving around in his porsche.

Everyone in this place is just their for themselves, to earn as much money as possible no matter what they have to do. I love being a pastry chef but this place is disgusting, I can’t wait to quit.