Working as Shift Manager at McDonalds Sucks

My job at McDonalds was Shift Manager. I was only getting paid $8.50 an hour even though I had been working there for 4 years.

The Store Manager and her supervisor are hypocrites. They tell you to do one thing and then when you do what they say, they get mad at you and say the crew is complaining about you. While I was working there, my car got backed into and I was looking through the security cameras to see what vehicle did it.

Two days later I was asked why I was wasting company time looking at who hit me when if it would have happened to another manager, the boss wouldn’t have said anything about them looking. We have guidelines that we are suppose to be following, but there were managers that were being promoted above me that were not following guidelines. I was told that I needed to be a team player and tell managers that were above me how things were ran.

THESE MANAGERS WERE ABOVE ME!!!! I can’t believe that. I don’t think the owner even knew what was going in her stores. I never want to work for McDonalds again. The crew don’t get trained properly because there are not enough trainers working and the managers don’t follow company policies and the ones that do, don’t get promoted. McDonalds is one of the worst places I have worked for. I could say so much more but I think everyone gets the point that I am sending.