Easy Working Life as a Computer Programmer

I’ve been a computer programmer for about 12 years now. Most of my time is spent on maintenance, which many programmers hate. I actually love it. When you get an assignment, the program is already broken, and expectations are low because the code is usually 20 years old and sucks anyway.

It’s like working jigsaw puzzles all day. You find the bad code and fix it. When you’ve got it fixed, you test it and install it, then pull your next ticket. You almost never see the same problem twice.

Programming in general is feast or famine. If you get on with a big company that’s not gung-ho, you really don’t have to work too much or too hard. I’m so freaking bored right now I’m sitting here at work writing this. I get paid pretty well to sit and listen to satellite radio, surf the web, and fix problems when they come up. Don’t have to deal with people much, and NEVER have to deal with the public (that truly is hell, which is why I do this instead).