The Secret in Surviving as McDonalds Worker

Hello. I Started working for McDonalds straight after I had left College back in 2002, I applied there for a job because some of my friends had worked there while we were at school and they said it was one way to make money. So I applied not knowing what I was really getting into.

I was contacted 2 weeks I think after I had taken in my application form from the Restaurant Manager, I had put my availability as anytime on the application.

I was hired that week after the interview. The first 2 weeks of my job was crap. They had taught me on production 10:1 and as I was making those burgers I was think to myself do I really want to do this for a living? Anyway, I did a ‘No Show’ on the third week of the Job I was just going to leave without notice. I just hated the place. Anyway, the boss rung my house that day of the ‘No Show’ and he got a hold of Dad. My Dad said YOU BETTER GO TO WORK! EVEN THOUGH YOU DON’T LIKE IT YOU CANT JUST LEAVE WITHOUT NOTICE! I came to my young senses and went to work that day for the rest of shift. I had a brief meeting with the boss I excepted everything he said. I was really sorry I mean this guy gave me a job I threw it back in his face, so I apologized, from that day on my life changed.

One of the Assistant managers, she was awesome she promoted care for her workers and for the customers. When I was crew I became fascinated by her manager techniques she was the best compared to the other loser lazy managers that were working there at the time. She was true, honest and to the point.

Anyway I became quite good at my job I wanted to be like this manager, and I wanted her to notice my skills and hear her praise.

After 1 year there I became a Crew Trainer Then a manager.

I had heard many a stories my fellow employees complain about there job. How they hate it and how the managers are all losers. I was thinking to myself why not leave then and get another job.

After 2 years we got a new Franchisee and the old restaurant manager who hired me, left and the lady manager who I admired ( no names sorry ) became restaurant manager. She was awesome. She has 1 son and a restaurant to manage, and she never lost faith until about 2 year later were she fell pregnant again. She had to leave to manage her own family now. I was promoted to restaurant manager after being there 3 a bit years. In my time here I have seen a lot of people leave for stupid reasons. I have heard a million stories about their bad experiences at McDonalds. But you have to realised that every job will have its downs not just McDonalds. You have to learn how to be proactive and really listen to others. Come to work and treat it like a job.