Marina General Manager Position is Awesome

Wow! I guess my job is not so bad after all. I am general manager for a marina and do enjoy being on the water and around boats which I love.

The biggest headache though is the people. Probably 90% of the people I deal with are great folks, and I enjoy them. But the other 10% I would like to drown. But before I would drown them I would like to whack them upside the head with a two by four, or hang them upside down from the spreaders for a while, because they cause me to just hate people.

I have become a bit antisocial since taking this job, and I was never like that before. One aspect of my job I like is that I am the boss. I answer to a Board of Directors, but no one is there to watch over my shoulder on a day to day basis. Being a self starter and disciplined about getting the job done is essential when the buck stops here. A big challenge is to get the most from my maintenance staff.

Our pay scale is not a high as I think it should be, and this company offers no medical or 401K or other benefits, so as soon as someone comes along and offers one of the guys an extra buck, they are gone. Can’t blame them. Actually if someone came along and offered me more money, or even better some good benefits, I would have to seriously consider jumping ship myself. Although after reading some of the other job horrors here, I think I would do pretty close investigating before making a switch.

The common complaint thread is people problems. What happened to good manners and civility and plain old kindness? A little of that would go a very long way.