A Former Poundland Worker Speaks Up

For my first ever job I worked in a Poundland store, the pay was bad, but I figured it was a cheap store so easy to get a job at, I was right. Once you got your job you reliazed your mistake. You were given a hundred and one jobs to do and if you even mentioned you didn’t have tie you were told to just get on with it and stop complaining. As for your own uniform, forget it you were lucky to get a clean second hand one. I had to wash mine and never got a jumper.

I’d start in the morning after the store had opened (9-6) so I went upstairs and put on my name badge then went to work on the tills, stood up for the entire shift bar one hour break (45 min lunch and 15 min break), to get help we had a bell system, one bell for cashiers, two for super visors etc, no one ever answer the first time I rang, super visors took for ever and my colleagues, if they even showed up for work, didn’t answer unless they were within my yelling distance, then I got it in the neck from customers for taking so long to get to them, and then I was told off for not having all 8 tills open, like I had control over it.

The manager was crap, he wouldn’t tell any of the guys off except me as he was scared of them, they all turned up and left when they wanted and did no work, the poor assistant manager helped me when she could but she hated her job too. The company themselves exploited us,we didn’t get over time pay, they didn’t provide uniforms no matter how many times they promised, and wouldn’t fix anything until legal action was threatened by customers because they had an injury. As for customers you will never meet such rude people, they made a mess, deliberately chucking things about because they could, customers even took tops off bottles and poured the contents on to the shelves for us to clean later, they were abusive, other staffs had been threatened with assault before and I regularly received abuse, management never supported the staff at all, and anyone who made a complaint about things that needed doing and hadn’t been sorted would find nothing happened, and they’d be fobbed off, then mysteriously appear on all the crap jobs for weeks.

Never work there, I have never worked for such a bad company, and I’ve worked for a fair few in retail now, I spoke to some staff in a Poundland store and they said nothings changed, they still have the same problems, except now they have a union to back them up, except the union is useless for them and doesn’t appear to care at all.