Will Surely Not Gonna Make it to Nursing

I’m a first year student in Nursing, after graduating from high school. now being a 19 years old male, I thought about doing nursing because I see a lot of my cousin and relatives who are nurses and they tell me the job is easy and nursing can take you anywhere in the world and they say that you will never run out of job placements. So, that’s pretty much what motivated me to become a nurse.

Now after 4 months on my first year studies I’m starting to hate it.  After putting much effort and studies on my first test I failed with a “D”, so i thought to myself that this is just one minor setback, but then came another test about ‘nursing care plan’ this time I put a lot of time and effort into my study by not going to church, skipping part time work, and not going clubbing. I dedicated myself on passing this test, so with much anticipation all my friends managed to pass with a B+, or C and even a A. So, I thought to myself I must be saved to due to the long hour of study and effort i put into this test, but out of all the things I could think of I got a “E”, lowest grade I could possibly get. I was so ashamed at myself and doing so this pretty much discouraged me test after test came by, and after putting much effort on studies I just couldn’t pass one paper.

I had to talk to my nursing lecturers and they would say I just don’t have that “nurse thinking” and I just can’t grasp that nursing theory.  I was really pissed by this and pretty much set me off, weeks gone by and I wouldn’t hardly turn up to class anymore due to this poor grade I’ve been getting, even with more effort and group study, I just can’t pass, so I’m wondering whatever nursing is not right for me? It’s still first year and I can’t even pass and I’m already struggling, shit I wonder how I’d do in 3rd year. I’m pretty much set on doing something about this and changing my career before I waste my life and time on this bullshit.