Industrial Automation

Everybody wants a deal. Nobody wants to pay. Everybody thinks you owe them something. It sucks being on the delivery end of service especially in an area of the country that is economically depressed. Part of my job requires proposing solutions to customers. Those solutions involve spending money. Nobody wants to spend the money. They just want free advice and free products. Then when they do spend some money, they just cut your balls off half way into the job to say that “that’s not what we wanted, we’re not paying for this..”. Fucking assholes.

If you want to get into industrial automation, think twice about working in an area of the world that has little industry, uneducated workforce, low paying projects, no fucking future and mindless idiots working with you.

I like to solve problems. It’s a real blast when you succeed at making things right. Making people happy, but whenevr those same people complain about the most stupid things, that’s when this shithole-of-a-job turns ugly.

I thought of quitting lots of times. I thought of becoming a prison guard, watching over a bunch of assholes that never grew up, maybe even becoming a postal worker passing out mail all day.

My boss owns the company and he must be the biggest asshole I met in the 19 years I’ve been doing this shit. This guy started the company because he was at the right place, at the right time. That’s it. No brains, no memory, no fucking people skills. Just a wad of money in his life savings from people he screwed, and companies he’s sued. This asshole has boken so many occupational safety rules, laws and statutes I’ve stopped counting. He doesn’t even know or maybe doesn’t even care what he does. On top of this all he has an asshole for an operations manager (my immediate supervisor) that has shit-for-brains, he’s following in his footsteps.

I’ve been doing this shit for almost three years now. I hope to be retired in 15. Maybe I’ll win the lottery, maybe I’ll fall off a scaffold and end it all. My boss won’t care, neither will the customers.