Missing those Soldier Days While at Work

I been working on Fort Lewis for a year now I used to be a soldier but got out and got a job doing the same thing that I used to do as a soldier, the only difference that not that I am a civilian I don’t just get to walk away from my desk at all!

All I do all day is sit on a desk answer questions. All day long. I get on the internet but even this has got old. I wish my job was a bit more challenging.Is like when I sit on this desk I get so bored that I want to cry.

I am not going to lie I get pay really good, but sometimes I wish I was a soldier again. Plus soldiers look at us “civilians” like we are lame and this bothers me a lot. When I go on dates and I tell people I work on a military installation they look at me weird sometimes I feel like I should just say “i am a waitress” and they would be more happy about that. I can’t stand my job.