Realizing that Nursing May Not Be For Me

I had trouble choosing a career and recently chose nursing because it would enable me to help people, use technology, and have a clear career focus. But I am just about to finish my first semester as a second degree nursing student and feeling doubtful about this career path because I’m not particularly enjoying the coursework, have very little in common with my peers, and feel I should be doing something more creative.

My first bachelor’s degree was in Journalism but I didn’t do all the things that I could have done, like internships, etc, to make it into a career. Instead, I had a lot of different jobs. But now I’m 30 and need a focal point. I’ve done a lot of self-assessment and research but it’s still difficult to decide. I’m considering dropping out of nursing school, take a full-time job offer at my part-time job as a receptionist, and pursue my creative interests in my spare time rather than continue to feel out of my element in nursing school and have no time to discover my true passion.

It was disheartening to read about so many negative experiences in the nursing field. I will make it a point to show my nurse, if I ever have one, the upmost respect.